Because movement is special

Hang a picture, but not video. Until now

Hang a picture, but not video. Until now









Apple does not

yet support video


Available for phones and tablets


Coming to Chromebooks and TVs from summer 2017

and Facebook in 2018






Honestly, one of the biggest pulls to creating wallpaper software was the prospect of working with artists and photographers.


There is no end of inspiring work being done and we want to be the platform that lets people enjoy it in a new way. New digital tools, from app indexing and dynamic linking to campaign tracking, will help both sides. Host your work within our app or one branded to you.

Alive is a new way to quickly and easily get any kind of moving imagery seen or monetised.


If you have compelling animation, time-lapse or footage, there is a crowd out there that wants it as video wallpaper. Weird maybe, but true. Within our platform or as an app cloned and branded to you, that’s your choice. With campaign tracking through Google Analytics, it is easy to keep track on who and how your content is being used.


We are keen to rub shoulders with creative agencies, ones with clever ideas and clients well suited to this new medium.


We can do super flexible MVP for a client road test, or go the whole hog with a bespoke user interface, admin and campaign tracking.

Open calls


Cool stuff we're collaborating on this year



Reaching out to some of the best time-lapse folk out there, especially those photographers covering aesthetic and intriguing topics or using tilt-shift



Seeing the world from above is a revelation. We are collaborating with drone pilots to build a collection of static, straight down shots that will wow the public.

Material Design


Google celebrates 3 years of Material on 25 June. We're working with paper artists to create a special collection

Movie posters 2.0


Can you see Uma's cigarette fuming? Her eyebrow arching? Us too.