Sell your work directly

Transform your work into an exciting product to share or sell

You work hard to get the perfect shot or sequence. I know, because I quit Greenpeace to shoot thousands of scenes all over the world. Sounds glamorous, but it was far from a holiday.

I created the first video wallpaper app so that I could travel and others could collect and enjoy beautiful scenes from around the world.

After two million downloads and growing revenues, it is time to invite in the creative community, from time-lapsers to roving videographers, stop-motion old timers to creative cloud disrupters.

The Alive platform transforms your footage into a genuinely saleable product or a free gift to your followers. You decide the price and we take a modest cut. We do not buy footage, we simply make it available for you to distribute to two billion users of Android smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs globally.

Jack Hunter