From footage to app

We turn stunning video into app content for global sales or follower rewards

We work with photographers, videographers and digital artists to turn footage into genuinely saleable content available to two billion users of Android smartphones, tablets and TVs. Apple does not yet support video backgrounds.

You get a profile page in our popular app and a link that opens direct to your content, as if it were your own app. You decide how many fixed price tokens to charge for your content, or you can give it away as a neat free treat for your followers.

We optimise your footage into short, looping, mobile-friendly video wallpapers. We take a 30 percent share of net token profits, paying you the other 70 percent on a quarterly basis.

Users get stunning, battery-neutral video wallpapers from a growing range of artists. After 2 million app downloads, we retain a 4.2 / 5 Play Store rating.

I created this app to make collecting stunning moving images as easy as hanging a photograph. It is the only bridge between the two billion users of Android phones, tablets and TVs and a growing army of artists equipped with ever more affordable and powerful video capture and editing tools. I hope you join us.

Jack Hunter