How it works

Common questions answered

What can I charge?

As much as you want. We operate a token system. Users buy them to exchange for your wallpaper. You decide how many tokens to charge.

What do we take?

Nothing, if you offer your work for free. We place some ads in the app and offer a premium version with some cool features.

If you charge for your work, we take 30% of net profits and you take 70%. Google first takes a handling fee of 30% for safe global distribution. Governments take a sales tax too.

How much can I expect?

Think of Alive as a new way to sell your work directly to your followers. Existing users may swap tokens for your work. But the more you promote video wallpapers as a product, the better. We’ll supply marketing stickers and a special URL that opens the app directly to your content.

What happens to my footage?

We aim to process your work within 48 hours. It is looped by hand, then cut into a range of resolutions, then rendered and uploaded ready for download by users.

Can I sell my footage elsewhere?

As long as it isn’t to another wallpaper app, yes. We have no major rivals and our legal terms are light.

What about Apple?

Apple doesn’t support video wallpapers, yet.

Can I walk away?

Yes, no problem. Our only condition is that you give our users 90 days notice and an explanation. Bear in mind, we can’t remove your work from users that downloaded it.